The Workforce Solutions Capital Area (WSCA) has become a destination for many high-profile manufacturers, including Samsung (Semiconductor), Applied Materials (Semiconductor), Tesla (Electric Cars), NXP Semiconductors NV, Infineon Technologies (Semiconductor), Carrlane Manufacturing (Tooling Components) and Athena Manufacturing (Parts Manufacturing) to name a few. The expansion and new manufacturing industry employers has changed the labor market rapidly in the Capital Area to the point that demand far exceeds supply in many industries, particularly in manufacturing.

In 2019 in response to the local skilled advanced manufacturing labor shortages, Workforce Solutions Capital Area convened several employers, the Austin Regional Manufacturers Association, Austin Community College, SkillPoint Alliance, and C2 GPS to partner and establish a MSSC credentialed manufacturing fundamentals training and outreach plan for a Certified Production Technician (CPT) program. 

What resulted is the creation of the CPT program funded by the Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and Workforce Solutions Capital Area. CPT Students complete 6 weeks of virtual training and upon graduation, students  earn an industry-recognized certificate and become ready to join one of the growing industries.

For outreach and recruitment, C2 GPS developed a list of customers that had been recently laid off, were underemployed and/or had little to no manufacturing experience and crafted messaging that was direct and highlighted employment, training, and support services. Emails and WorkInTexas messages were sent, many calls to customers inviting them to information sessions were made. Orientations for Transitioning Veterans at Fort Hood coordinated with the local Veterans Resource Representative and Soldier for Life were implemented in locations where customers were connected to staff that assisted in completing the enrollment process. One key benefit of the CPT initiative was a resume tracker which gave employers access to customer resumes two weeks before they complete training.

This collaborative success involved major employer partners who worked with training providers, WSCA and C2 GPS to create, implement, and complete the CPT initiative.  The training program has resulted in expanded partnerships with employers contacting C2 GPS to assist with their recruitment challenges.  The initiative also provided the opportunity for innovation to refine procedures for successful service integration of programs to better meet the unique needs of new employer partners. Since 2019 over 80 individuals (and counting) have enrolled in CPT using multiple funding streams. Today, employers are contacting us hoping to hire graduates from the CPT program.